Black Bracelet


A mate-black bracer that once worn will grow tiny spikes on it.
This item has 2 easily observable effects.
1. Increases the amount of hit dice you can remain dying before you die by the number of your hit dice.
2. As a swift action action you may heal yourself 1+will modifier up to about 1+cha modifier times a day.


At first we thought the bastard was done for after we got a clean cut across his belly. But to our surprise, he was still flinging his sword. We cut of his right arm still he fought on. At this point he no longer looked human but rather a cut up bloody zombie-like creature. At that point our general, frustrated and slightly scared yelled “WHY WONT YOU DIE?” We kept cutting it until we could see bone and then, only after we managed cut off his left arm did it stop cursing and bashing us with his shield.

Black Bracelet

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