Former Second in command of the Ashter Clan, an intelligent Elerch Wizard.


What can you tell us from your home?

“Acheron is an eternal battlefield of endless conflict.
It is a plane of law where conformity takes precedence over any thoughts of good.
Unending battles take place across the entire plane between huge armies.
Each layer of plane consists of a huge numbers of iron cubes of varying size, from continent-sized to small islands; not all of these are actually cube-shaped, but they are generally called cubes nonetheless.
The cubes float in an air-filled, infinite space, occasionally colliding with each other.
Every cube face is habitable, with gravity always being directed towards the cube’s center;
furthermore, the cubes are filled with caverns and tunnels and this is where we normally reside.
The light on Acheron varies between that similar to bright moonlight to that of a dark and cloudy day. The sound of battle resonates around the plane and can always be heard.”

Does than answer your question, human?

Why are you here?

“We are to follow orders from those above us, for we are bound to our tradition and the laws which our god, Hector emphasizes. Our leader, along with the high order have orders us to come here, normally this would be against our law, but because we are ahem*we where* at war with you it was allowed.

Now that we have a new leader. May I just add that we normally never allow duels like this to happen but since our leader was so unpopular and had failed us in several situations, he was entitled to worst help possible, the endless duel between his contestants. That is to say, no intervals of rest between different duels to the death.

I apologize for my digression, as I was saying we are here now because your new leader told us to fallow him. Your quite vague, perhaps you could be more precise next time and specify here as in here now or in your silly world.

Your curiosity and lack of knowledge is quite distasteful one would expect ones enemy to know me, I’m tired of talking with you."



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