You gain some consciousness with a terrible migraine on your head, the most painful thing you’ve ever felt or at least the most intense pain you can remember, all you see are faint blurry lights and again, you lose consciousness. You awaken again still with terrible pain and notice your hole body is also in fantastic agonizing discomfort; you seem to notice your surrounding, nearby there is a statue of some sort and you are in some sort of room and you are wearing rather heavy gear, you try to stand up only to fall asleep yet again. Terrible nightmares. You awaken again, this time with bearable pain, you awaken again feeling the soft red linen you lay in, with to much pain move you decide to stay still. Your try to remember and panic for you cannot remember anything. After a few minutes of trying to remember you realize the pain has almost subsided and all you have is the equivalent of a hangover. You, stand up and you see several humanoids all dressed differently. Getting a better look of the room your in you see a vast cylindrical like shaped room. Where you are standing seems to be a large circular bedding with many pillows of different colors, in the center a statue of a man. To your left another statue of a man but it appears he as if he is barfing into a large dish, next to him a large table with a few chairs. You see that are 4 doors, in all 4 cardinal directions and a large staircase that spirals up up and up. At this point you decide to wake up those who are still sleeping and ask for their names, but none can remember. Before you can start any serious conversations the statue in the middle begins to shake a little. “Finally your awake, it seems we where not expecting you, tell me why are you here, for you see, all I know is that you got here with a riot of magic lingering auroras.”

Dark Beginnings

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